Autumn Academy is an Alternative Rock band from SW Michigan. Brandon Garrett (Guitar/Vox), Brandon Cromer (Bass) and Andrew Nolte (Drums) work hard to bring you exceptional quality that shines through with every recording and performance. We take pride in our evolving and unique sound, which leaves fans of every genre genuinely intrigued. We love the fact that there isn't another band that has our style or that we can specifically identify with. We want to be known for our own style, which is what makes us unique.

Brandon Garrett (Guitar/Vox) - My passion for music, particularly guitar, began when I was 11 yrs old. I took guitar lessons for 1 yr, but most of my skill was self taught. I was told that I was great on the guitar, but if I could also sing, I would have many more opportunities. So at 15, I began working on my vocals, which I am still doing to this day. I am currently 22 yrs old, a college graduate, the vocalist, guitarist, and a founding member of 45 To Argos and Autumn Academy. I plan on continuing to work hard to better myself as a musician, for both myself and my band, so that I can offer my very best to our fans. I'm hoping to be lucky enough to play many shows, meet some wonderful people in my lifetime, and be an inspiration to others. 

Brandon Cromer (Bass)-  I have been playing music from the age of 11 or so, and eventually joined the school band playing percussion. Over time, I developed a large interest in music and picked up some guitar and piano over the years. Nothing struck my interest as much as bass, so I started studying swing, funk, and a bit of rock and metal. I  cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Andrew Nolte (Drums)-My love of the drums began at age 11 when I started playing percussion in school band. Over the course of a couple years, I developed an interest in playing and writing rock music. By age 13, I joined my first band. Since then, I have played for numerous bands and side projects, each of which sharpening my skills as a drummer and song writer. In the summer of 2018, I became the latest installment of 45 to Argos, starting out as their temporary drummer before transitioning into a permanent role shortly thereafter. A few months later, we formed Autumn Academy and started writing and recording new material. I've felt at home ever since.